Safety and tranquility on holiday

Below we have compiled the main changes due to the emergency that you will find in our facilities.

In the various areas of the hotel are located the sanitizer gels and posters are displayed illustrating the behaviour and hygiene and health measures to be followed.
As has always been our custom, we will continue to completely sanitize the rooms using even more rigor.
The material of daily room cleaning (e.g. wipes and what is necessary for cleaning and dusting) is disposable or previously treated with sodium hypochlorite solutions.
Air conditioning systems may be usedas they are sanitized with specific products.
The communal areas are disinfected, paying particular attention to objects and furnishings that are often touched by hand, such as lift buttons, handrails, switches, door handles, tables, chairs, dispensers, etc.
As we have an in-house laundry, towels, linen, tablecloths and napkins are washed and sanitized in our washing machines at a minimum of 60°C.
All our staff are provided with daily uniforms and all devices that are mandatory according to their duties.
Upon arrival, the girls at the reception desk will explain to each family how to enjoy the holiday in safety taking care of themselves, their space and other guests.
Tables are positioned so as to respect the 1 m distance between people.
We will maintain, as always, the table service in combination with the buffet. The latter is managed exclusively by a dedicated attendantwhich will take care of serving the desired courses, in a way that guarantees hygiene and safety. In a dedicated section you will find single-serving products.
Between shifts they will be sanitized and sanitized tables, placemats, chairs and condiments.
For those who wish, we will also offer alternative services such as: service in the apartment, take away formulas to eat on the beach under the umbrella.
As scientifically proven chlorine concentration in the pool water is largely able to prevent the spread of the virus, so you can certainly enjoy this area.
We have taken preventive measures to comply with basic sanitation standards of the pool and social distancing.
Entry into the water should only be permitted after a thorough full-body shower. It is mandatory the use of a cap, it is forbidden to spit, blow one's nose, urinate in water; very small children must be made to wear restraining diapers.
Our goal is to make our little guests have a fun and carefree stay.
For this reason we have thought of different solutions. Having a large play area, our animators can use it in its entirety, guaranteeing the required safety measures, for games, workshops and snacks.
We purchased more materials for each child to use (avoiding sharing), which we will completely sanitize at the end of the activities.
We have reorganized the activities on the beach and our fun evenings at the hotel, adapting the spaces and dividing the groups of children into age groups (3-6 and 7-12 years old), with a dedicated animator for each group. As for your beloved Evening baby danceIn the garden, we have set up coloured marker stickers on which the children can dance, staying at the prescribed distance.
Is it possible quietly access the beach and get wet in the water of our Adriatic Sea. The shoreline is continuously monitored by the lifeguards to ensure spacing and safety.
The umbrellas, already well spaced out previous years, they now have 15 sqm of beach instead of the required 10 sqm: a nice space for the whole family!
The beds and deckchairs and all material that comes into frequent contact with people will be sanitized and sanitized periodically. We recommend, however, to use our beach towels (service included) replaceable daily and washed internally at over 60° degrees.
Access to children's play areas is possible.
Recreational sporting activities are also permitted in compliance with social distancing (table tennis, beach volleyball, beach tennis, bowls, etc.).
- Up to 1 month before arrival the deposit will be returned.
- From 1 month to 10 days before arrival the deposit will be reused for another stay of your choice and according to our availability also for next year.
- After this date the deposit will be forfeited.
In the event of closures or restrictions due to COVID the deposit will be refunded or reused for a future stay.

The Continental Hotel & Residence have made every effort to ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay, putting your safety first.

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