Serafino Experience

Uour exclusive! Discovering the garden from which they come fruit and vegetables you find on the table, but also the raw materials for our honey and oil!

The Serafino Experience is aexcursion starting from the sea and passing through the hillsto Grandpa Serafino's campaign. It is in his honour that we have decided to call it Serafino Experience! Departure from the beach in the late afternoon, towards the mountain and nature!

Danger of falling in love:  the green vegetation of the San Bartolo park and the blue sea of Gabicce leave you speechless! When you arrive in the countryside you can admire grandfather Serafino's vegetable garden and fruit trees but above all you can see how we produce honeyhow bees work and all the characteristics and benefits of the various types of honey. Of course you will have the opportunity to taste it. You will taste how good it is!

And to end the afternoon, every child can write your wish on a card and hang it up. with a coloured ribbon to the Wishing Tree. Legend has it that every night, Tinker Bell and her magic fairies enliven the countryside and rest right there, under the Wishing Tree, where they read the cards and grant the wishes of all children.

Monthly excursion organised with a minimum number of participants.

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