Holiday Bonus

Up to €500 off for the entire 2021 season.

What is the Holiday Bonus?

The Holiday Bonus is a government incentive for families and was introduced in the Relaunch Decree for supporting the Italian tourism industry and its entire sector. This is a tax credit up to 500 euros to spend in Italian accommodation facilities until 31 December 2021 (for bonuses claimed in 2020)

How much is the bonus worth?

Up to 500 euro depending on how many people are in the household:

  • 3 or more people: 500€
  • 2 people: 300€
  • 1 person: 150€


What requirements do I have to meet to claim the bonus?

If your household has a ISEE less than 40,000 euros you can apply. The bonus can be requested by only one member of the household

What is ISEE and how is it calculated?

ISEE does not correspond to one's tax return but is an indicator that measures the economic situation of a household to access bonuses or subsidised social benefits. The calculation is made on two components: income and assets. These are then Ratioed based on the number of people in the household. So if a large family (with more than 2 children) has a high income, it could still have a low ISEE to access social benefits. You can ask for it at the CAF (Centro Assistenza Finanziaria - Financial Assistance Centre), at your accountant's or calculate it online on the INPS website.


When can I use the bonus?

The bonus can be used for stays for the entire 2021 seasonfor bookings of at least 3 nights.

How do you use it?

The 80% of bonus value can be used as a discount on the total amount payable to the accommodation. Bonus 20% becomes an income tax deduction (e.g. 500 euro bonus: 400 euro discount at the hotel and 100 euro deduction).

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How do I claim my bonus?

The Bonus must have been requested in 2020You will need to download the IO App, the public services app, made available by PagoPA S.p.A. Once installed, you will have to log in with the required credentials, i.e. SPID digital identity or Electronic Identity Card (CIE 3.0).
That's how you get a unique code and a QR-code that, once arrived at the hotel, when paying the amount due it is important to remember to show us.
In addition, the app will also show you the total amount of the discount you are entitled to and the associated tax benefit, the list of all members of your household and the period within which you can use your holiday bonus.

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Can I use the bonus if I book through online booking platforms?

No. The reservation must be made directly at the accommodation or made through travel agencies and tour operators, or online portals of disintermediation.

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What do I have to do to use the bonus when I book a holiday?

It will be enough to tell us at the time of booking and once you arrive at the hotel remember to show us the unique code and QR-code at the moment of the balance of your stay. We won't need your ISEE, you can leave it at home!

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